We Are Expanding!

HOLLYWOOD MENTAL HEALTH, is a group of independent practitioners in the Hollywood district of Northeast Portland. Organized by David Holladay, MD, Hollywood Mental Health will be settling into our new home in the Hollywood Square in November 2016. 


We are seeking psychiatristspsychiatric mental health nurse practitionersLCSW’sLPC’s, and psychologists to join our multidisciplinary team. Stressing clinical excellence, congenial collaboration, and work flexibility, Hollywood Mental Health will provide services for children, adolescents, adults, and families. 

We will be offering high-quality office suites with part-time or full-time work options, scheduling and billing services, website management, telephone support, and other administrative supports. Our office manager will also assist with medication requests, prior authorizations, lab orders, and vital signs at the time of each appointment. With over 25 years of clinical and administrative experience, we’ve built a strong infrastructure with expertise in medical billing, insurance company contract negotiations, documentation requirements, and prescriber supports. Our new location at 44th and Hancock near the Hollywood Saturday Market has almost 2400 ft.² of space, several offices with exterior views, 3 entrances, a large waiting room, ample administrative space, and a large group room. The Hollywood District offers convenient public access, a pleasant village atmosphere, shopping, dining, and other amenities. 

If you have an interest in joining our team and the position you are interested in is not listed below, please contact Kelsey Lunden at info@hmhpdx.com