Practice Philosophy 


We appreciate the vulnerable position that clients and families are in as they seek mental health assessment & treatment. We strive to help you to feel comfortable and to treat you as we would wish to be treated. It is our practice philosophy to build an open and trusting treatment relationship. We believe in a teamwork approach. Treatment is something we do with you, not to you.

Our clinical orientation is fairly eclectic. People are complicated. Most problems are some combination of biologic, psychological, social, family, and cultural factors. We believe in treating the whole person, and see people of every socioeconomic and ethnic background. We support individuals who identify with the LGBTQ community. We believe in helping our clients find a healthy balance and meaning in their lives.

We believe in collaborative care. With your permission, this involves contact with school personnel, primary care physicians, and others. School personnel who see children over the course of a school day often have a valuable and under-appreciated perspective. Safeguarding your privacy is also quite important.

Individual therapy, family therapy, behavioral therapies, parent support, and complementary treatments are additional treatment options. Physical exercise, mindfulness, and good nutrition are critical additional treatment components.  When drug or alcohol problems are a primary problem, these may be referred to another treatment provider for collaborative care.

In regards to medications, we believe in a careful informed consent process. This involves sharing potential risks and benefits in some detail without jargon. We believe in evidence-based medicine. Increasingly, there are scientific studies which support augmentation with various complementary interventions. Referrals to various internet sites, and handouts will be provided so that clients and families can educate themselves further.