My primary motivation in pursuing psychiatry as a career is to assist individuals and families in developing the skills necessary to grow and build healthy lives. I see myself as a pragmatist and an idealist with a diversity of interests within and outside the field of mental health. I tend to see people as basically doing the best they can. We are all “works in progress”. Throughout the bulk of my professional career, I have seen very young children, people in the last chapters of their lives, and all ages in between. This opportunity to experience the breadth of the human experience over the past twenty-five years has been honored work for which I am grateful. My clients have taught me many important life lessons that, in turn, I have used to help others. 

Curriculum Vitae


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Therapy is a process of transforming defeat into hope, strength and healing. I believe that you are a unique embodiment of your collective experiences, thus as a therapist I bring genuine curiosity to know you and understand your history as well as your visions and dreams. We all get stuck, and my goal is not only to help you get unstuck but to utilize the safety of our therapeutic relationship to expand your self knowledge and increase your ability to live a satisfying and fulfilling life. As our relationship unfolds, I will draw from my eclectic therapeutic toolbox to align with your values and needs and help you build skills and insight to achieve your goals. I believe that enhancing your self acceptance and highlighting your unique strengths is central to overcoming the barriers you are facing. We will continually assess how things are going and make adjustments as needed to ensure that your investment in treatment is providing you with meaningful outcomes. I have extensive experience working with a wide variety of clients with diverse treatment needs and goals. 

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Sarah Arp-Howard, LMFT

I chose to spend my life's work as a therapist after five years of teaching adolescents and young adults in public schools.  Students often came to me with problems in their personal lives, and I felt lost and limited as to how to help them.  I also felt drawn to helping them alleviate these problems at home, recognizing that if more of us could find safety and connection in our personal lives, we would be better able to function in our communities.  So, I sought out a career in marriage and family therapy.  Along this journey, I have found that often in our homes and lives, problems are not the result of one individual's personality (like, a grouchy teenager), but more due to the way that we interact with one another.  I found that skills in couples therapy could help me work with parents, so that they could have more ease with one another as they navigated the waters of raising children and teenagers.  I found that family therapy skills could help me teach parents and adolescents how better to relate to one another.  And, now a licensed marriage and family therapist, I have never turned back.  Though I began this path over a decade ago to serve just adolescents, I have along the way become well-equipped to work with any other part of the family system.  Our lives are so connected. 

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I am a compassionate, collaborative, and non judgmental therapist.  I offer both short and long term therapy to adolescents and adults with a broad range of experiences, strengths and challenges. As a therapist I create a safe and nurturing environment so you may explore difficult issues, strengthen your inner resources and build a repertoire of skills to use moving forward. We will use conversation, mindful awareness, and mind/body interventions to help you understand your emotions, make decisions that fit your values and live a more satisfying life.  I am trained in EMDR and my specialties include life transitions, depression, anxiety, healing from trauma, university students and issues related to parenthood including pregnancy, miscarriage and infant loss, postpartum depression/anxiety and traumatic birth experience.  My professional affiliations include National Association of Social Workers and Postpartum Support International.

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Eric Loya, LSCW

The foundation of my work in therapy is supporting you on your path toward healing, growth, and healthy functioning in your life.  I believe that each person holds their ability to overcome the obstacles they face, and to attain the success they seek for themselves.  In our work together I will be committed to adhering to your personal intentions for treatment that is unique to your needs and experience. With a selection of therapeutic tools best suited for your needs, I will support you in strengthening your awareness and application of hope, control, and resiliency, and will guide you in working through the obstacles between you and your goals. The therapeutic techniques I use in treatment are pulled from my education and training in clinical social work, as well as my years of enriching experience working with children, adolescents, and families. I am devoted to maintaining a therapeutic environment that is safe, confidential, and of high cultural acceptance and sensitivity. I look forward to hearing your story, building our therapeutic relationship, and helping you build and reinforce your own set of tools crafted for the health you seek and deserve in your life.


As Office Manager, my goal is to provide quality administrative supports to providers and patients. I enjoy being able to use my skills to help our practitioners provide excellent care to the individuals and families they work with. I am experienced in medical administration, working with insurance companies and various aspects of private practice.